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William Weldon

Chairman & CEO,  Johnson & Johnson

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“Steve has led successful communication efforts across the full spectrum of business needs – from big-stakes change management initiatives, to crisis communication campaigns. When you need someone with diverse, agile and seasoned leadership and communication skills, Steve is that rare professional who can pretty much do it all.”

Sheri McCoy

Chairman & CEO,  Avon

“Steve has an impressive track record of effectiveness and leadership in communications across the private and public sectors. He’s the consummate professional, and a dedicated, smart and insightful business partner.”


Stacey Hightower, CEO

Omnicom Specialty Marketing Group


 “When you work with Steve, you work with someone who’s all in, all the time. He invests his time and intellect in you and your organization. He listens deeply to understand your problems. He’s interested in perspectives and opinions, and facts and data.  Then, with refreshing clarity, he will tell you exactly what needs to be done. Steve is that type of advisor, the type who's invested in making a measurable difference.”

Ajit Shetty

Chairman, Janssen Pharmaceutica;

Global VP, J&J Supply Chain

“During our years together at J&J, I always considered Steve to be an exceptional business partner and an extraordinary communications leader. He has superb business acumen and remarkable instincts.”


James Burke

President, The Burke Foundation

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“Strategic, creative and wonderfully candid. That’s Steve Dnistrian in a nutshell. He’s a deliberate and skilled counselor on all matters of marketing and strategic communication. Most importantly, he's a person of true integrity whose advice I value.”

Susan Odenthal

VP, Global Communication & Public Affairs

Johnson & Johnson

“Steve is a smart, ethical and committed advisor, who has a gift and talent for creating trust and assurance with everyone he works with. With his rich, diverse and unique experiences across the industry, Steve understands the full spectrum of marketing communication better than most.”


Michael Sneed

EVP & CCO, Global Corporate Affairs

Johnson & Johnson

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 “Steve understands the practice of communication, as well as the business of communication, like few others. He has invaluable perspectives about the agency world and agency operations. His areas of expertise and industry insights are unique. Any organization in need of strategic communication services would benefit from his advice and direction." 

Brian Rafferty

Global Director, Business Analytics & Insights

siegel + gale

"Steve knows how to drive change within an organization.  He has a passion for brand strategy, backed by market research, and understands both the art and the science of branding.  What's most impressive about Steve is his ability to inspire others, leading change and branding initiatives that have enduring and meaningful impact on businesses.”

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I’ve supported and worked with an incredible array of leaders, both in the private and public sectors. 

Great partnership are formed through distinct, yet complimentary perspectives and experiences. 

We can do the same. Let's talk about what's possible.

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