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Are you getting the most out of your

marketing and communication efforts?  

Resources are tight. Teams are stretched.

You're being asked to do more with less. Are your current efforts having maximum impact?

From time to time, it just makes sense to bring in help from the outside, 

not only to lend a hand with urgent issues, but to do so in a way that also gives you

fresh perspectives and insights grounded in years of experience in the communication business.


I work with clients to build on what works, change what doesn’t and enhance efforts

by connecting dots between your needs and best-in-class practices and resources in the industry.

Strategic Communication Services


Assess your strengths and weaknesses; identify serious issues that require immediate attention; and most importantly, infuse your operations with objective observations, new ideas and insights on best-in-class practices. That's the point and purpose of effective communication audits. Ready?    


Your digital and social media activities are pivotal extensions of your organizational brand identity. Determine how, when and where to communicate your brand story in the digital / social-ecosystem.




Whether preparing for pre-taped interviews or live feeds across all media, we provide training and techniques you need to capitalize on media opportunities. Having trained CEOs and executives at all levels -- and knowing what it's like to be in front of the camera when that red light goes on -- I can get you ready to manage any media situation.


When your communication needs enter the public arena, and your organization’s perspectives need to be heard,  I understand what it takes to influence public policy, build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders.


Tap into a new generation

of digital / social media celebrities,  who have extraordinary credibility with very specific market segments. Explore the power and possibilities behind Influencer Marketing. 


Whether you need to develop a plan, or simply want to put fresh eyes on your existing plan,

I can help. How integrated is your plan in the era of integrated marketing communication?  


Like never before, companies and organizations need to anticipate and proactively manage issues that can impact their brands and operations. Preparation is a must. I can help.




Few professionals are prepared when a full-blown crisis strikes. But our crisis management skills and training will help you tackle any situation head on, strategically, confidently and authentically. I cover it all, before a crisis strikes or when it’s happening in real time. 


Managing and repairing reputations has never been easy. Knowing how to do so in today’s digital world is a must. Welcome to the new world order in reputation management, where strategic communication and technology intersect.  We can help.



Successful change in any organization depends on effective communication. With it, you succeed. Without it, you don’t.  I've designed and managed change campaigns in small organizations and large corporations. I can help.




The explosion in media channels, platforms and social outlets presents interesting opportunities and challenges when it comes to getting your story placed. From traditional to new media opportunities, I understand how it works and what's essential.


Crafting effective messages is part art, part science. Our hands-on message development sessions focus on distilling the most crucial information your audiences need and want. I’ll work with you to assess facts and data, critical context and more, all in an effort to develop a clear, crisp and compelling narrative.


Naturally, ensuring your stakeholders are well informed matters. How you choose to engage matters as well, not only for your organization’s leadership, but for your function, too. If there’s any area that typically needs refreshing, it’s usually stakeholder relations.  

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I've spent the majority of my career in the practice of communication, both as a roll-up-your-sleeves practitioner and as a leader of global communication teams.  I have hands-on experience in all of the services noted above and more.   

Throughout my career, I've benefited from having fresh eyes placed on my work and the way I operated.  I've always found those types of engagements valuable and worthwhile for ideas and insights. 

How about you?

I bet we could do the same. 

Food for Thought

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