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Support for Executives at All Levels


Advice & Perspectives

on Agency Operations and Valuation

I offer a variety of support services for executives at all levels,

including but not limited to

Leadership Communication Training, Presentation & Speaker Training and Executive Coaching.


Additionally, for leaders in the agency world, I can provide insights and perspectives on a variety of topics

related to agency operations and valuation, specifically geared toward independently-owned agencies, especially those interested in selling their businesses.



You're successful, accomplished and respected in your organization. Yet, do you get the sense that you could be doing more to engage and motivate people at all levels? You’re not alone.


In this realm, we help even the most seasoned professionals enhance and expand their influence, without sacrificing their personal values and style.


Remember, it’s not what you say that matters most. It’s what they hear. Understanding the difference is crucial when it comes to effective leadership communication.


How many times have you watched people fall asleep – or drift into WIC (workplace-induced coma) – during presentations or meetings?  Sad, but true. This tends to be the norm in too many professional settings. Yet, it doesn’t need to be this way.  

The struggle is real. Your draft is way too long. The presentation date is approaching. And still, you’re struggling to create a concise, compelling way to frame your message. STOP wasting time. GET fresh input and perspectives.

 Work with me and you’ll see your audience engaged from opening to close, whether pitching new business, delivering financial updates or speaking at charged Congressional or community hearings.


Everyone has blind spots. High-performing executives, mid-career professionals, introverts, extroverts, everyone. What are YOUR professional weaknesses? What do people around you see that you may be missing? 


As a leader, you need to know because people – your people – are much more inclined to go the extra mile for leaders who they believe in.  At the end of the day, people don't follow business plans, organizational objectives and management directives. People follow people, especially those in leadership roles who provide true inspiration and motivation.  


Having supported and coached an array of incredible leaders, both in the public and private sectors, I know how to bring out the best in people in a way that contributes to their leadership capabilities and success.


Agency Valuation & Operations

If you’re an independently-owned agency operating in the marketing communication industry,
I can offer advice and perspectives about positioning your business for growth or acquisition.


If you’re thinking about selling your business in the future, or want that as an option,
be it in 2 years or 5 years, it’s time to start planning for that event now. 


With the right guidance, you can achieve the exit strategy you want.
Understanding what makes a business like yours attractive for sale and planning accordingly
can help your business attract the type of attention you want
and the exit terms you need to achieve your long-term objectives.

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The most effective executive coaching and support will always focus on building on one’s natural and acquired strengths. If your job involves leading people, it’s time to get to work on the issues that matter most. We can help.  

For agency entrepreneurs, I understand what's important to potential partners, and know what it takes to position your business for maximum value. 

Let’s talk about the possibilities and a plan to get you there. 

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